Everyone comes to Page Plaza Diner for our great food, but many people don’t know that we have a full bar. Here are some ideas to enhance your meal the next time you visit. Enjoy a glass of red wine with your beef dish; or white with your fish or chicken. Have a beer and watch the baseball game. Have a sweet after dinner drink instead of coffee. Stop in for a fruity cocktail this summer at Page Plaza Diner. Here are 5 tasty options from our bar.
Mojito – This classic Cuban drink infuses the sweet and sour taste of a lime with the crisp, refreshing taste of mint. A traditional summer highball goes great with our Cuban Panini.
Mai Tai – A Mai Tai is a Hawaiian/Taiwanese combination drink that pairs sweet flavors with fruity cherry and pineapple flavors. Mai Tais pair well with chicken wings or our Chinese Roast Pork.
Hurricane – This New Orleans Classic drink is a party-pleaser combining the super sweet taste of passion fruit and other tropical fruits with rum. This pairs well with our Cajun style cuisine; like our Louisiana Panini.
Martini – This classic drink is one that pairs well with almost any dish, from a light salad to a juicy steak. A mix of Gin and Vermouth with green olives that has a unique flavor profile if created dry (more gin) or classic (equal parts).
Fabiola – A take on the Metropolitan, the Fabiola combines orange liqueur with brandy and a delicate vermouth, creating a smooth citrus profile. This pairs well with Francaise sauces or our Coconut Shrimp with it’s Pineapple Honey Sweet Dipping Sauce. Ask your waiter or waitress for other suggestions.
Page Plaza is open 24/7. Stop in anytime for a delicious meal and excellent service at Tottenville’s favorite diner; or call in for our 24/7 delivery. Stop in and have a drink at our bar. You must be of legal drinking age and please drink responsibly.