Finding the right restaurant that makes everyone happy can be a challenge. family members have different likes and dislikes, and everyone may be in the mood for a different type of food. Page Plaza is the perfect place to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Whether it’s a flavorful gyro on your mind, or light and fluffy crepes with fruit and whipped cream; Page Plaza Diner is the place to go for any meal. Enjoy our delicious lobster ravioli, served with shrimp in a savory tomato champagne cream sauce; or a hearty plate of corned beef hash with eggs.
Finish off your night at Page Plaza with a light and airy lemon meringue pie, or a rich and decadent chocolate mousse cheesecake. Page Plaza is open 24/7. Stop in anytime for a delicious meal and excellent service at Tottenville’s favorite diner.